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Offer your clients easy online credit insurance

Offer your clients easy online credit insurance
Four reasons for brokers to offer Credit Insurance to their clients:

1. Increase your revenue and brokerage

2. Protect your clients biggest asset – their Trade Receivables- by insuring them against default

3. Competitive and simple online quote now available

4. 70% of companies in the Asia-Pacific Region experienced overdue payments in 2014



What is EasyLiner?

The product consists of three elements for effective credit management of your customers:

1. Information and advice on their clients to prevent non payment

2. Collection of unpaid bills

3. Compensation and Indemnification amounting to 90% of the approved outstanding amount


What are the benefits?
  •  Real-time online quotation, get confirmation within 5 mins
  •  Tailor made for Australian businesses with annual sales of $750,000 - $5,000,000
  •  Simple pricing system, NO opening fee
  •  Cover for both export and domestic trade
  •  Annual turnover declaration
  •  Comprehensive collection services inclusive
  •  Rapid indemnification in case of a claim
  •  Hotline available to support brokers on 1300 COFACE


Why offer credit insurance to your client?  

Testimonial from brokers: 

 Ÿ“Credit Insurance brings a new revenue opportunity for our company. We will include a quote in all policies renews.”
Ÿ“I need to protect my clients against bad debts, so I will still have them for many years!”Ÿ
“ It is easy and quick to get a quote.”



Anyone can get a quote in a few minutes. Try now!






Who needs it?

Companies trading in open account terms in Australia or overseas.


Why choose Coface ?
  • Ÿ Global presence
  • Ÿ Largest trade credit insurance underwriter in Asia PacificŸ
  •  Unique SME solution that covers export
  • Ÿ Unique SME solution that covers protected default
  • Ÿ Unique online quote system



 Call 1300COFACE to speak to a team member or click here to see how it works.


Aimee WENG

T. +61 2 8235 8615