Commercial debt collection: handling unpaid debts

Fast-track payment for overdue invoices with our expert debt collection service

Quick resolve for outstanding invoices, whether in New Zealand or abroad

Delayed or missed payments significantly affect cash flow and performance. Unpaid debts contribute to one in four bankruptcies, while a single major debtor can jeopardize business transactions and survival.

  • Only pay for the amounts recovered

    Cut down your costs! With Coface’s business debt collection solution, you only pay a commission on the money recovered.

  • Protect your brand image

    Call in Coface’s experts so you can maintain good business relations with your client: carry on expanding your business while we act on your behalf.

  • Recover Worldwide

    Retrieve your trade receivables worldwide, even from debtors outside New Zealand. With Coface's global debt collection, you get a single point of contact, minimizing disruptions and leveraging local legal expertise to rein in losses efficiently.

  • Recover your debts quickly

    With Coface's leading credit insurance and debt collection services, we boost your chances of retrieval, saving you time to prioritize business growth.

Find out how Coface can recover your unpaid invoices

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What does failure really cost you?



The extra turnover needed to make up for loss

The simulation above shows the additional turnover that your company must achieve to compensate for the loss due to a non-payment.

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International debt collection

Coface collects your outstanding invoices in 190 countries using a one-of-a-kind international network.

Debt collection experts in New Zealand act as a link between you and the local manager handling your request.

These contacts have extensive knowledge of the local language, legislation, market and practices.

Commercial debt collection: what is it?

Late payments or non-collection of receivables can have far-reaching consequences on your cash flow. Unpaid debts are the reason behind 25% of bankruptcies. A single major debtor can vastly restrict your ability to do business or even jeopardise your company’s future.

How do I get my customer to pay?

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Has your client still not settled their debt regardless of your reminders? The next step is to send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt giving them formal notice to pay.

Then, if - regardless of your out-of-court actions - your client still doesn’t honour their debt, you can launch a legal debt collection process and embark on various legal procedures: these range from a court order to pay or a summons for payment to

How do I get my customer to pay?


a summary procedure. But you should remember that this approach can be expensive and time-consuming, and the outcome may be uncertain.

When you authorise Coface to collect your unpaid debts, we guarantee to:

  • Recover your money quickly
  • Save you time so you can grow your business
  • Request our commission only if we are successful


Johan H., small business owner in Retail sector

My client in Vietnam still hadn’t settled his invoice after 8 months even though they’d received the goods without a problem. But - thanks to Coface - I was indemnified in 2 weeks.

Hassan B., CFO in textile sector

A number of clients weren’t honouring big invoices that were pending payment. It was taking up too much time and too much tracking with very little return. Thanks to Coface, I’ve now got more peace of mind, it’s more efficient and I’ve got better liquidity.

Patricia J. , Global Sales Director in Pharmaceutical industry

How do I demand that my key client settles their invoices without putting too much strain on our business relationship that keeps my company afloat? Coface knows how to do just that, leaving me free to discuss new projects with the client.

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Find out how Coface can recover your unpaid invoices

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