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Get Credit Reports For Businesses

Get A Credit Report For Your Potential Customer

Business partnerships have their own challenges. It is vital to know the financial situation of your business partners. Coface Business Credit Reports will help you to assess potential business partners and categorize clients based on their credit and payment history. It offers you a comprehensive and flexible tool for your credit risk management.
With the help of a commercial credit report you can check the credit score of a company and incase you want to get the newest company information, you can request a fresh research. Get a clear indication of adverse financial risk that will help you steer activity away from customers with a poor company rating or bad claims record.


  • Access to key financial information about suppliers and partners
  • Receive automatic commercial credit scores and credit limit indicators
  • Analyze potential payment or supply chain problems


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CHOOSE between Snapshot OR the Full BUSINESS report

  • Full report - gives you a comprehensive and in-depth information of your business partners. Combined with the unique Coface Insurance payment experience, it is the perfect product for your credit and risk management. Full reports are available in all 195 countries, with an instant delivery or within an optimized respond time from 1 to 9 days depending on countries selected.
  • Snapshot Report - gives you a synthetic view of your business partners, combined with the unique Coface Insurance payment experience. Coface provides you an instant delivery on companies located in more than 60 countries.

Delivering A Valuable Service: Case Study On Coface International Credit Report

Delivering A Valuable Service: Case Study On Coface International Credit Report

An Australian Cheese and Dairy Producer sells its products in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The company’s credit manager relies on credit reports in the decision-making process. Because of its mix of domestic and international business, the company had difficulty finding an information provider that could cover all locations.


The company estimated the number of reports it would use in a given year and requested a quote. Coface provided upfront pricing, with no additional fees, based on the volume estimate.


The manufacturer can now order full credit reports from a variety of providers, as well as Coface Credit Opinions and Debtor Risk Assessments – with the simplicity of one contract and supported by one client services team.