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Credit Opinions

Evaluating Your Trading Risks

Payment defaults and delivery issues can lead to severe damage to your business. However, you can avoid such issues and act ahead of events, when you get the right business information report about your debtors at the right time.
With Coface Credit Opinion Report you can avoid the stress of making credit decisions. We have the local experts for monitoring your customers to do the job for you. Updates on first signs of financial risks and other important changes support you in taking the right decisions well in advance.




Customized credit opinion allows you to request a specific recommended credit amount in a preferred currency. CCO is monitored and includes additional insights such as Debtor Risk Assessment and Country Risk Assessment. We provide an expert evaluation of non-payment risk associated with your selected customers based on our analysis. We use our credit opinion to guide our credit insurance options and it's in our mutual interest that we get it right. Parallel to this initial check we start the monitoring process and inform you about changes up to 18 criteria. We make sure you do not miss deterioration or any other important change, enabling you to make informed decisions on time.



Our @rating Credit Opinions can help you avoid the stress of making credit decisions. Coface created the @rating suite of products as an online method for easily and reliably indicating company credit worthiness. Coface uses the @rating methodology to indicate credit limits on some insurance policies. @rating is also available as a credit assessment tool, meaning that you can tap in to our underwriting talent even if you are not a policyholder. @rating Credit Opinions can also be monitored, so that you receive an alert when a customer’s situation changes. 
Ratings are continuously monitored, so you always receive reliable business information for accurate decisions. If you need a detailed overview of the financial situation of future or existing business partners, then Coface Credit Opinion is the right product for you. A simple scale is used to reflect the acceptable maximum level of exposure on a single transaction: Classified within a 7 credit limit band to supplement your credit management strategy.
coface @rating opinion


  • Analysis of millions of global datasets and exclusive credit information
  • Manual investigations for complex cases ensure you get the full picture
  • Information is adjusted for external shocks to the economy according to a company’s sector, size and geographic location
  • A monitored credit score is included to help assess current probability of default