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Protect Your Business With Trade Credit Insurance

Whether you run a business in New Zealand or abroad, there is a constant fear of losses that can be incurred due to unpaid invoices and bad debts. In order to make sure that you are able to run your business smoothly, we at Coface offer trade credit insurance products to protect your business against loss from bad customer debt. With Coface trade credit insurance, you can choose to protect your domestic and/or export business and minimize the risks associated with a customer's insolvency or delayed payment. It is a powerful risk management tool that combines the information and protection you need to mitigate the risk of non-payment. And, if you do have a loss on an insured account, you will be indemnified according to the terms of your policy.

Trade credit insurance and risk management: Case study

Coface insures account receivables of a SME in New Zealand that produces electronic components. This company was recently on the verge of signing a contract stipulating 150-day credit terms with a major manufacturer of electric appliances. However, Coface's research revealed that the manufacturer had sustained significant financial losses in recent years, and we advised our client of the serious trade credit risk associated with this organisation. As a result, the SME in New Zealand declined the opportunity and the manufacturer later filed for bankruptcy after failing to pay a competing electronic components business. This case study underlines how effective risk management doesn't just involve the right TCI policy, but also working with a trade credit insurance company like Coface that is able to properly assess the risk level of potential trading partners.
Of course, it isn't always possible to accurately predict the risk of every buyer, which is where a trade credit policy appropriate to your business comes in handy.


What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance offers 3 complementary services : professional assessment of the financial situation of your customers, indemnification and debt collection of your unpaid invoices.

What is the Impact of Unpaid Invoices?

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