Dassault Systemes: "Coface's Business Information offer scalable solutions, expert teams with an innovative spirit to transform the finance function"

As a client of Coface's Business Information (BI) services, Dassault Systèmes benefits from a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage its commercial risks. Scoring, credit advice, analysis: Coface's services enable it to assess its commercial partners, particularly where information is scarcer or less reliable. Henri Bourny, Customer to Cash Director, shares why he recommends Coface's BI services.

"It's the story of a start-up that is now a world leader, supporting all industries in their innovation quest"

This is how Dassault Systèmes (3DS), founded in 1981, describes itself today as an international group with sales of €5.95 billion (2023).

Known as "The 3DExperience Company", 3DS designs collaborative virtual environments for individuals and businesses, enabling them to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for all aspects of everyday life (health, transport, connected products, consumer goods). Although not credit-insured, 3DS nevertheless needed access to qualitative, turnkey financial information in order to manage its commercial risks. The Group was looking for a reliable information provider capable of covering all its markets and assessing the financial health of its 12,000 commercial partners around the world.

A client of Coface's business information services since 2022, via AU Group, 3DS now benefits from a complete suite of Business Iinformation solutions: iCON by Coface platform, Portfolio Insights, Economic Insights as well as a monthly review with Coface's risk underwriting teams to discuss the most sensitive cases. For 3DS, effective management of trade receivables is based on obtaining scores, credit recommendations and sector and country analyses. The aim is to be able to monitor its numerous counterparties and companies that are more complex to evaluate, often located in countries where information is more scarce or less reliable (Asia, United States). The result: excellent development prospects for the 3DS x Coface partnership. Just like its growth dynamic (+15% per year on average), the number of counterparties monitored by 3DS is constantly increasing: +3,000 commercial partners assessed since 2022! And new BI services will soon be deployed: API solutions, URBA360 to monitor supplier risk, etc. 

How Coface business information is serving Dassault Systemes

In this interview, Henri BOURNY, Customer to Cash Director, shares his experience of Coface's BI services enabling him to effectively manage commercial risks to secure the development of 3DS.

  • Global coverage, credit scores & recommendations, country & sector risks: how do Coface's BI services enable Dassault SY to control its commercial risks?
  • Data excellence, monthly review with Coface risk underwriters, and unique insights: why Dassault Systèmes has made Coface its unique information provider.
  • Scalable solutions, team availability, innovation and digitalisation: the reasons why Dassault Systemes recommends Coface's Business information services.